About Us



Eastern Desert Art is an outback Indigenous online art gallery representing the work of significant Aboriginal artists from Utopia, Atitjere and Irriliree in central Australia. Situated at Red Gum 270kms north east of Alice Springs south of Arlparra, it is run by Sonja Chalmers. The Chalmers family’s relationship with the Aboriginal people extends back three generations and many of the Aboriginal artists who live on Utopia grew up alongside the Chalmers family. Eastern Desert Art runs regular painting workshops for the local artists at Red Gum

Eastern Desert Art also collaborates with Tingari Arts, Alice Springs to represent a broad range of Indigenous communities across the Eastern, Western and Central Deserts.Joint exhibitions are held in Australia and overseasTingari Arts run by Linx Macpherson, represents significant artists from the Gibson Desert WA, Haast Bluff and Harts Range, NT including Walala Tjapaltjarri, Thomas Tjapaltjarri, Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri, Molly Napaltjarri Jugadai and Josie Petrick.

We encourage you to visit now that we have opened The Mac and Rose Chalmers Conservation Reserve (Tower Rock) Australia’s newest and exclusive park. This Reserve is now open for bush camping and contains unique granite boulder outcrops encompassing 470 hectares of land. Host to a wide range of native plant species and wildlife, the Reserve is the ideal place for a back to nature experience.