Our Artists

The central desert region of Utopia has produced such great artists as Emily Kame Kngwarreye and Gloria Petyarre and is now celebrating a resurgence with other greats – Mary Kemarre Morton, Kathleen Ngala, Angelina Pwerle Ngala, Gladdy Kemarre, Susie Pitjara Hunter, Joy Kngwarreye Jones and Dolly Petyarre Mills.

Artist Annie Hunter, © Eastern Desert Art

Artist Annie Hunter, © Eastern Desert Art

There are talented artists among many of the local families including:

  • Kngwarreye family (Joy, Freddy andCharlie) traditional and abstract painters (National Gallery of Victoria and Holmes a Court Collection)
  • Ngala sisters (Kathleen, Polly andAngeline) abstract (National Galleries, private collections.
  • Pitjara (Petyarre) family (Susie and Sandy) traditional (Susie – National Gallery of Australia, Holmes a Court)
  • Kemarre (Glady and
  • Morton Kemarre (Mary and Lucky) Abstract – exhibited all over Australia

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Now that Eastern Desert Art has joined forces with Tingari Arts we also represent artists from other parts of Northern Australia primarily the Western Desert. These include Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri, Walala Tjapaltjarri, Molly Napaltjarri Jugadai and Thomas Tjapaltjarri.

All artworks are painted on prepared Belgian linen using polymer acrylics.