New works from Utopia Indigenous artists

Now that the summer ceremonies have nearly finished and the heat of the summer has lost some of its sting local artists are beginning work on their canvases. Striking new works are emerging from Susan and Annie Pitjara (Petyarre) Hunter, Dinny Kunoth Kemarre, Elizabeth Mbitjana, Angelina Ngala (Kngale) and Joy Kngwarreye Jones.

The work of these artists is held in Australian and international private and public collections.

The painting featured here by Susan Pitjara (Petyarre) Hunter is Bush Honey Grevillea:

Born circa 1966 into the Alyawarr tribe, Susan Pitjara Hunter is the younger sister of artists Annie, Jessie and Sandy. Susan lives on Utopia in central Australia. She lives a traditional life
Susan is one of the most gifted artists of this region. She has always had a deep sense of belonging to her country and has remained steadfastly a bush woman.

Her meticulous execution of Women’s Business is rendered with extreme care and respect for her subject matter.

• National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
• National Gallery of Victoria
• Robert Holmes a Court Collection, Perth